2009: Articles

Mike's Guest Column

Mike Griffis, Vice Chairman, Citizen's for Strong Schools, Defining 'high quality' schools, Gainesville Sun, May 18th: Here.

Mark's Guest Column

Mark McGriff, Chairman, Citizens for Strong Schools, Florida's Paramount Duty, Gainesville Sun, Jan 19: Here.

2009 CFSS Links

Budget Update: Here.

School Funding Alert: Here.

State Government Contacts: Here.

Funding Crisis Continues: Here.

New Funding Cuts: Here.

Letter-to-editor Contacts: Here.

Recent Editorials, Articles

Editorial, A tough schools test, St. Pete Times, Aug 26: Here.

Article, Threat of school cuts sent Orlando mom into action, Orlando Sentinel, Aug 2: Here.

Editorial, Florida's public schools are at risk, Miami Herald, July 16: Here.

Here is the recent guest article by our Vice Chairman, Mike Griffis, Defining 'high quality' schools, Gainesville Sun, May 18th: Here.

Recent Editorials, Articles

Editorial, Education funding: A sad state of affairs, Florida Times Union, March 25: Here

Dr. Boyd's Guest Article, Lawmakers are passing the buck, Gainesville Sun, March 24: Here

Editorial, We think: Legislators sleep as the education funding crisis deepens, Orlando Sentinel, March 20: Here

Editorial, Give students a break, Palm Beach Post, March 11: Here

Editorial, Is it any shock...? , Orlando Sentinel, March 8: Here

Editorial, It's not that hard, Tallahassee Democrat, March 8: Here

Recent Editorials, Articles

Editorial, Cuts to education are going to hurt, Tallahassee.com, Feb 9: Here

Editorial, Floridians have given up influencing state leaders, Fla Times Union, Jan 16: Here

Editorial, A broader focus, Daytona Beach News Journal, December 16: Here

Editorial, Save our schools, Florida Today, December 14: Here

Editorial, Forget auto bailout-start with education, Miami Herald, December 14: Here

Editorial, Still more cuts, Gainesville Sun, December 12: Here