Mission Statement

Our Mission is to consider, study, and publicize ways to improve education in Alachua County.

Background about our committee

Our committee first met in the Summer of 2008 as a group of citizens who were concerned about the lack of funding in our Alachua County school system. At that point, we committed ourselves to doing our part by 1) understanding the funding situation ourselves, and 2) relaying our understanding to the general public. As such, we formed a non-profit organization called Citizens for Strong Schools Inc. We created this corporation with the powers necessary to make it an IRS 501(c)4 non-profit, having an educational purpose. In order to lobby the public and politicians, the organization was created as a political committee, consistent with F.S. 106.

Our committee is a non-partisan group, and our organization strictly prohibits us from politicking for-or-against any candidate for any office. Our charter only permits us to make recommendations to the public about issues related to education.

Our committee is made up of a diverse group of well-known folks from throughout Alachua County. The recommendations we make are carefully thought out. Our first recommendation is to support the one-mill initiative, which is the basis for the current website.