VOTE: YES for Alachua Schools!

We're in the home stretch! Here is what's at stake!

With just a few days left until Election Day, Alachua County voters will decide if they are willing to invest in the continued success of our A-rated school system by voting 'Yes' for the one mill for schools. If you have not yet voted, or you have voted and want to encourage others to support the one mill, just remember:

  • The one mill will preserve school nurses, art and music education, academic and career/technical magnet programs, elementary guidance programs and classroom technology.
  • The one mill will cost the average Alachua County homeowner about $10 a month.
  • The one mill would not take effect until July of 2009 and will last just four years.
  • An independent citizens oversight committee will ensure the revenues are spent as indicated on the ballot.

There's plenty of great information on this website about Florida's school funding crisis and the one mill initiative. For a schedule of early voting and a precinct listing for Election Day, go Here. Make sure your voice is heard-vote YES for the one mill for local schools!

Precincts on Election Day

Remember: there's still time for you to be a part of this important effort! If you are willing to wave a sign at a precinct on Election Day, check out our One Mill Precinct Sign Up Chart: Here.

If you are willing to sign up for an unfilled shift, just contact Sande Calkins or through e-mail Here. She can also arrange a sign for you.

Manning a precinct is easy! Just make sure you stand beyond the signs at the precinct that say "No solicitation beyond this point."

Wave to the folks coming in to vote...that's it!

One Mill Rally!

Rally for the One Mill!

Join students, parents, teachers and other interested citizens as we rally on 13th Street for the one mill. We'll be gathering with signs at 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 30 at the 1900 block of NW 13th Street in Gainesville. We'll line the street to show our support for our schools and the one mill initiative, and we want the line to stretch a long way! Hope to see you there!